The Status Of Wooden Outdoor Park Industry

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China’s themed wooden outdoor parks have experienced unprecedented rapid development over the past two decades. According to the “Project Forecast Report on the Development of Chinese Theme Wooden Outdoor Parks” written by AECOM, the total number of Chinese theme wooden outdoor park visitors increased by nearly 20% in 2017, which vigorously promoted the growth of global theme wooden outdoor park visitors. The report predicts that by 2020, China’s overall number of tourists will surpass the United States and become the world’s largest themed entertainment market. The area with the largest distribution of Chinese theme wooden outdoor parks is East China, which accounts for 34% of the country’s total, mainly based on the huge population size and total economic volume of East China. There are relatively few urban-level themed wooden outdoor parks in the central region.

At present, the main players in the domestic large-scale theme wooden outdoor park industry are local companies. Although the international theme wooden outdoor park group has already been deployed in domestic first-tier cities, due to the late entry into the Chinese market, the market sinking degree is lacking. As China’s tourism industry continues to develop, tourism consumption continues to upgrade, and tourists’ preference for theme wooden outdoor parks continues to increase, China’s theme wooden outdoor park market continues to expand, creating a group of local theme wood with certain strength Outdoor park brands and companies have formed the coexistence and development of many theme wooden outdoor park companies such as OCT Group, the company, Chimelong Group, Haichang Holdings, and Songcheng Performing Arts.

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