Water Park Site Construction

Before installing the water park equipment, you need to do the civil work in advance. For example, when installing the water slide, you need to build the platform foundation and sinking pool in advance, and the artificial wave needs to build the wave pool and the machine room. In addition, the construction of the park […]

Time And Space Shuttle

1. Time and space shuttle: through two strong upward air currents, the colorful ocean balls are blown upwards into the rugged layout and transparent pipes. Using the principle of wind, the ocean balls advance rapidly in the pipes, forming a colorful scenery, and finally the ocean balls are all It falls on a stepped, open […]

Rainbow Rope Net Software Climbing Project Specification Manual

Physical development training climbing set 17

Rope Net User Manual: 1. Children in the age range of three and fifteen years old for playing; 2. A piece of amusement equipment can carry no more than 20-40 children at the same time (according to the size and capacity); 3. Children who are too young need to be trained by professional development coaches […]

What Is The Analysis Of Water Park Investment Prospects

The investment prospects of water parks are the most concerned issue, how to quickly recover costs and achieve profitability. The size of the investment can be determined in accordance with its own and local market conditions. Overview: The investment cost of a water park can be roughly divided into the following major blocks 1. Site […]

Precautions For The Naughty Fort Project

The naughty castle is designed according to the characteristics of children. Through scientific three-dimensional combination, a new generation of children’s activity center integrating amusement, sports, puzzles and fitness is formed, placing children in a thrilling, safe and secure amusement environment. This facility is conducive to children’s full use of vitality and imagination, while having fun, […]

What Are The Advantages Of Trampoline Manufacturers’ Customized Theme Parks?

trampoline manufacturers often see this project because it is mainly promoted through the Internet. Many young people also find it interesting after reading the Internet, and then check in. Some red trampolines on the Internet also have their own themes, and different themes have different fun. Let’s talk about the advantages and potential of the […]

What Is The Category Of Children’s Amusement Equipment Manufacturers?

What types of children’s amusement equipment manufacturers are there? Many parents value the healthy growth of their children, and in the naughty castle industry, the number of investors is increasing. Therefore, for friends who want to invest in naughty castles, which equipment categories should they first understand?? The editors of children’s amusement equipment manufacturers will […]

How To Choose A Manufacturer To Join The Children’s Naughty Castle?

How to choose a manufacturer for children’s naughty castle? Many friends who want to start a business will focus on playgrounds such as children’s naughty castle. So, how do you choose the franchisee of the children’s naughty castle? How to judge the quality of the manufacturer? Let us take a look. One, the normal process […]

How To Calculate The Price Of Children’s Naughty Castle?

How to calculate the price of children’s naughty castle? Naughty castle is a place for children’s education. Many parents will take their children to play, so more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to look for business opportunities in it. So, how to calculate the cost price of the children’s naughty castle? What is the method […]

How Should Children’s Naughty Castle Operate After Joining?

How to operate after joining the children’s naughty castle? The Naughty Castle is a favorite entertainment place for children, which is highly comprehensive and interactive. In addition, due to limited space, it has become one of the investment goals of many investors.    So, if you want to join the naughty castle and operate better, […]

How Will The Manufacturer Of The Children’s Naughty Castle Carry Out Maintenance?

Now whether in first- and second-tier cities or third- and fourth-tier small cities, we can see various water parks and castle parks of children’s naughty castles everywhere. These large playgrounds are mainly open to children. Therefore, if such equipment is damaged, will the manufacturer of the children’s naughty castle repair it?   What are the common […]

What Qualifications Should The Manufacturer Of Children’s Naughty Castle Have?

Choosing to invest in a children’s naughty castle project and choosing a suitable open location is the main link in choosing a reliable children’s naughty castle manufacturer. So what qualifications should a formal children’s naughty castle manufacturer have? Let’s take a look.   Diversified equipment    Formal manufacturers should give investors more choices when providing equipment […]

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