Water Park Site Construction

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Before installing the water park equipment, you need to do the civil work in advance. For example, when installing the water slide, you need to build the platform foundation and sinking pool in advance, and the artificial wave needs to build the wave pool and the machine room. In addition, the construction of the park environment should also be done in advance to better complete the next equipment installation. What to pay attention to when decorating the indoor children’s water park:

 Requirements for walls, floors and partitions

The wall in the water play area can be painted with environmentally friendly latex paint, which can be used as an overall wall painting; the parent’s rest area can use latex paint or wallpaper with soft and warm patterns.

The ground can be made of non-slip plastic floor, which is soft and non-slip, which can prevent children from falling and other accidents;

According to the actual situation of the site, between the water play area and the parent rest area, floor-to-ceiling glass curtain walls or large glass windows can be used as the interval, which is beneficial to protect the indoor area from heat loss, and it is convenient for parents to watch the children play more clearly in the rest area. Circumstances, increase the appreciation.

 Indoor water park water pipe, heating and circuit requirements

Indoor children’s water parks do not have any special requirements for the inlet pipe, and the drainage is large, so there are certain requirements for the drainage pipe. Most of the water pipes are selected with a diameter of 75MM-110MM. If the venue requires or special circumstances, 160MM can be selected.

The piping at the connection of the paddling pool, swimming pool, bathtub and the main drainage pipe can use hoses with a diameter of 50mm-100mm.

The piping should be set as straight as possible and bend less. Try to shorten the length of the pipeline, especially the water inlet pipeline, to reduce heat loss.

Since indoor children’s water parks are usually large in area, hundreds or even thousands of square meters, the amount of hot water that needs to be supplied is very large at this time. You can choose air-energy boilers or natural gas boilers for heating.

Air-energy boilers are easily affected by the surrounding air environment, especially in the north, when the weather is colder and the ambient temperature is low, the effect of producing hot water will be reduced; while natural gas boilers become a problem due to the fast heating speed, large water flow, and low operating cost. A good choice, but the business needs to open the natural gas pipeline in advance.

Since the indoor children’s water park has high humidity, the wires should be buried, all metal parts and devices should be grounded, lights, heating equipment must be grounded, and as far away as possible from indoor water amusement facilities such as playing areas and swimming pools.

 Indoor decoration and music requirements

Children most like color tones, so creating an artistic conception full of fantasy colors can produce visual stimulation for children. Therefore, bright blue, red, and green colors can be chosen for the design of wallpaper and ceiling. .

During the whole process of children’s play, the background music should be slow and tender, and some music with obvious rhythm and lively should be played. The indoor children’s water park needs to be equipped with a full set of broadcasting audio facilities.

Indoor temperature and humidity requirements

Children’s heat production and heat dissipation capabilities are worse than adults, so indoor children’s water parks need to maintain a constant temperature. The water temperature is 32°C to 34°C in winter and 30°C to 32°C in summer to ensure that children will not catch cold when playing in the water.

The indoor children’s water park maintains a certain humidity, which is beneficial to increase the thermal conductivity of the air, but the relative humidity should not exceed 75%. The most suitable environmental humidity for children is about 50% to 65%.

Indoor odor requirements

You can put some pure natural fragrances in the indoor children’s water park, which can stimulate children’s happy emotions, and allow them to strengthen the sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and other simultaneous stimuli when playing in the water. The fragrance should not be too strong. Change the fragrance in about 3-4 weeks.

 Indoor ventilation and disinfection requirements

1 Indoor children’s water parks are often prone to mildew stains and peculiar smells due to humidity and tight sealing. Therefore, good ventilation conditions are required, and special ventilation facilities are required to frequently remove moisture and unclean air and change into fresh air. . The installation of fresh air equipment should be far away from the water playing equipment.

2 The water in the paddling pool and swimming pool must be disinfected and sterilized, and the broad-spectrum and efficient ozone method can be considered for sterilization; special disinfection equipment is required, simple operation, easy maintenance, safe and reliable.

 Layout requirements

1 The layout should be compact: in the indoor children’s water park, there are generally surfing, slides, adventure, circulation, diving, massage and children’s paddling pool areas. Trestle bridges or trails can be used between the areas, and various slide systems and rest areas are set around, making the overall layout more concentrated and compact.

2 Spaces should be integrated and interoperable: The indoor light should be sufficient, through some decorations, and the pool will be interesting, making people feel like they are still in the outdoor natural environment, plus the cartoon elements, the whole is full of lively and joyful atmosphere.

3 Space utilization should be flexible and variable: The indoor children’s water park should have sufficient flexibility and variability in space separation and configuration of activity facilities.

 Functional area design

When the child is playing in the water park, the parents will accompany the child. The child’s needs are met, but the parents also have the needs. Apart from busy work, they also need to relax. What should I do? Under conditions, the indoor children’s water park can open up functional areas, such as setting benches, rest areas, Internet areas, shopping areas, etc., to meet the needs of parents from the shallower to the deeper.

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