Time And Space Shuttle

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1. Time and space shuttle: through two strong upward air currents, the colorful ocean balls are blown upwards into the rugged layout and transparent pipes. Using the principle of wind, the ocean balls advance rapidly in the pipes, forming a colorful scenery, and finally the ocean balls are all It falls on a stepped, open step, moves freely by gravity, and then goes down through different paths to reach the hand-driven temporary transfer station.

Through this time-space shuttle game, it not only adds endless fun to children, but also cultivates children’s understanding of the principle of air gravity and objects using wind to move up against the current. At the same time, the design of the transparent pipe allows children to more intuitively understand the path of the object under the action of the wind, which is very intuitive and vivid.

2. Hand-driven temporary transfer station: All ocean balls that travel through time and space will pass through the temporary transfer station and make a temporary stop. Then the child will use the hand-cranked turntable to drive the ocean ball to the elevator and move the object upwards. After reaching the highest point, it forms a free fall, falls into the transparent recovery ladder below, and finally all enters the terminal recovery box, forming a cycle.

This hand-cranked transfer station can not only cultivate children’s arm strength and master force skills, but also intuitively understand the free fall motion of objects, the principle of driving and carrying objects, etc.

3. Fantasy tunnel: The colorful plastic spheres are enclosed in curved, transparent pipes, and driven by hand-rotating gears, the plastic spheres are rotated through the gears to drive the spheres to move upwards, forming a beautiful scenery that you chase me.

Not only can children be immersed in endless fun, but they can also learn the principle of gear driving, have a preliminary understanding of the physics of gear modulus transmission, and cultivate children’s positive learning hobbies.

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