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Slide the swing, use game equipment, tie the long rope on the shelf, hang the pedal board, and the person swings back and forth with the pedal board. The sliding swing is a movement created by the ancient ethnic minorities in northern China. It was introduced to the Central Plains region during the Spring and Autumn Period. Because of its simple equipment and easy learning, it was loved by people and quickly became popular everywhere. After the Han Dynasty, the sliding swing gradually became a folk custom activity carried out in Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals and has spread to the present day.

On May 11, the longest sliding swing in the world was completed in Japan. 100 local elementary school students participated and witnessed the birth of a new world record. The sliding swing beam is made of steel, the ring beam is 163.35 meters long, and there are 100 sliding swing seats. The pupils swing the sliding swing at the same time, proving the performance of the ring-shaped sliding swing. The challenge to the Guinness World Records was successful, the relevant certificate award ceremony was held immediately, and the elementary school students also felt excited and happy.

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