Sliding swing development

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The sliding swing can make people relax, exercise their body and will, and cultivate courage. It has become a special activity for children, and it is often found near the playground of kindergartens and elementary schools, or in parks and amusement parks. Swinging on a swing is the custom of Qingming Festival in ancient my country. 

Sliding the swing means moving by pulling the leather rope. Its history is very old, called Qianqiu at the earliest. Later, in order to avoid taboo, it was changed to sliding swing. In ancient times, the sliding swing was mostly made of tree branches and tied with ribbons. Later, it gradually developed into a sliding swing with two ropes and pedals. The ancient swing swing was only seen before and after the Qingming Festival and the Cold Food Festival, and it was only limited to the games of red men and green women of the noble families of the noblemen.

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