The Role Of Wooden Outdoor Parks

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Does a theme wooden outdoor park design have development potential and vitality? Its cultural connotation plays a very important role. Therefore, it is necessary to closely integrate tourism and culture, manage culture as tourism, develop tourism comprehensively by exploring and promoting culture, display culture in a multifaceted manner by operating tourism, and give theme wooden outdoor parks Rich cultural connotation, thus creating a distinctive tourism culture.

The entertainment mode pursued by modern tourists is not only a physical sensory experience, but also a spiritual experience of the soul. From this perspective, the unique cultural connotation is also the core connotation of attracting tourists. Therefore, before conceiving the construction of a themed wooden outdoor park, the site selection must be fully investigated, the history and original tourism resources of the area must be analyzed, and the theme should be consistent with its culture. Only by constantly digging out the cultural connotation can tourism products be perfected, enriched and updated, can they attract customers, and can they create good economic and social benefits.

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