Outdoor seesaw equipment

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Children’s play equipment. Install the shaft in the middle of the long and thick wooden board, and then put it on the pillar. The two sit opposite each other, taking turns to pedal, so that one end tilts up, the other end falls, so repeatedly, the game is for fun. The principle of the outdoor seesaw is the principle of leverage. The pressure of people on the outdoor seesaw is power and resistance, and the distance from the fixed point of the outdoor seesaw is the power arm and the resistance arm. The downward acceleration leads to an upward and downward movement. The downward acceleration of the higher one is greater than that of the lower one, so the higher one falls, and at the same time, the lower one is raised under the action of the lever principle, and so on.

We all know that playing outdoor seesaw is a play equipment for children who need to cooperate to play. When playing, it requires two children to cooperate well. Therefore, this kind of children’s play equipment is not suitable for 5 years old if it is not accompanied by an adult. The following children play, because the children do not know how to take care of each other, they don’t want to play and just come down, they don’t care about the other party’s situation, and accidents often happen.

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