Wooden Outdoor Park Development

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Leisure Quest believes that the result of competition in the tourism market is that brand-name tourism products will eventually attract and attract more customers. If a theme wooden outdoor park occupies a certain share in the market, it must realize the branding of tourism products and strive to improve the brand’s The popularity and reputation have formed a tourism brand and established a famous brand image. As international media companies also understand the profit potential of theme products, they have joined the ranks of vigorously developing theme products, and the materials used for the design of theme wooden outdoor parks are not limited to theme wooden outdoor parks.

With the development of technology, the traditional one-way cooperative relationship between the design of the wooden outdoor park and the media and toy industry has been changed, and the dominant situation of film and TV producers has been replaced. Many businesses repackage children’s familiar toys, as game elements into computer games to enter multimedia, and turn it into a story film and television program broadcast, and then absorb their elements when building a theme wooden outdoor park, forming a This interactive effect promotes the interactive development of themed wooden outdoor parks and movies.

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