Safety notices for outdoor seesaw

Table of Contents

1. Only one child can sit on the outdoor seesaw. If the weight difference between the two children is too large, you can discuss with the child, and play with a child of similar weight, instead of sitting on the light side.

2. The two children should sit on the outdoor seesaw face to face, do not reverse, and sit back to back.

3. Let the child hold the handle tightly with both hands, do not try to touch the ground or let both hands empty. Put your feet on a place where you pedal. If there is no place for pedals, you can hang down naturally, instead of curling up under the outdoor seesaw, otherwise the outdoor seesaw will press down on the children’s feet when pressed down.

4. If other children are playing on the outdoor seesaw, keep a distance while waiting next to them. Never stretch your feet under the raised outdoor seesaw, or stand between the beams of the outdoor seesaw, or try to climb to the outdoor seesaw that is tilting up and down.

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