The Local Spending Power Determines The Precise Location Of The Children’s Playground.

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In recent years, the social economy has developed faster and faster, and the current investment market will become more active. Indoor amusement equipment will not be harmed by temperature and seasons, and it will be profitable throughout the year. Coupled with the advantages of low project investment, low risk, and easy operation, it has created a children’s playground, which is a hot new project in the current investment market and has attracted more and more investors’ attention. In fact, whether it is appropriate to open a children’s playground, the key decision-making factors are the spending power around the site, the nearby consumer market and the total number of local children.


 The local consumption power determines the precise location of the children’s playground. In areas with relatively developed economic development, everyone has more disposable income and a huge sales market, and can open large and medium-sized children’s playgrounds; in areas with slow economic development, you can choose to open. The small and medium-sized children’s park is composed of basic equipment and experience equipment. They have no shortage of traditional children’s park temptations, and there are no shortage of fun and eye-catching equipment that can be played, and they are not counted in the investment in supporting projects such as small and medium-sized children’s parks. Too high will reduce the work pressure of project investment.

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