The Size Of The Children’s Playground Is Also Related To The Number Of Children Nearby

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The size of the children’s playground is also related to the number of children nearby. When opening a store and choosing a location, you can roughly survey the number of people nearby and estimate the total number of children, that is, potential consumers.

   The more potential consumers there are, the greater the development potential of the children’s playground after opening. In this county, children’s playgrounds can be located near kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and the surrounding children are more concentrated, which can ensure basic popularity.

   It is also necessary to fully consider the “relative density” of local children. Generally speaking, a 100 square meter children’s playground can accommodate 20-50 children. Twenty children are slightly empty, and the usage rate of the venue is not high; 50 children will be a little crowded and consumers will feel discomfort; therefore, 30 to 40 children per 100 square meters is a good situation in the park. Roughly according to the 28th rule, out of 100 overall target customers, 20 can maintain consumption, that is to say, there are 100 to 200 surrounding customers, the next child can open a 100 square foot children’s playground. 300 to 500 children can open a 200-square-foot children’s playground, and so on.

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