When Making Decisions About Places And Facilities, The Needs And Environment Of Customers Must Also Be Met.

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In addition to grasping the population size, business scale, and overall target consumers, when making decisions about places and facilities, it is also necessary to meet the needs and environment of customers. The sales market environment mainly refers to the development trend of the local children’s playground manufacturing industry (such as investigating whether there are children’s playgrounds in the local area, if so, how many? What is the scale? What is the product positioning and operating status?)? If not, you can (see Relevant local industrial chains, such as baby products stores, children’s clothing stores, etc.). How many children will travel there, you must first investigate the passenger flow there. It can be said that the stronger the parent’s cultural and educational awareness, the greater the requirements for children’s playgrounds; the less competition in the nearby market, the greater the requirements for individual children’s playgrounds; the more developed the children’s entertainment industry, the greater the demand for the market. The bigger you don’t need to worry about customer resources. For large areas, large and medium-sized children’s playgrounds can be opened, and the sales market has been more considered. The requirements are smaller. It can be considered that it is located in the county management center area with a slightly smaller total area.

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