Industry Shackles-Problems Existing In Domestic Children’s Amusement Parks

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Some people criticize that domestic amusement parks will eventually become earth-flavored parks. It is the kind of inferior environment that is far less exciting and deeply rooted than foreign theme parks. At present, there is no way to stop this phenomenon, but it does not affect it. We analyze and think about this issue. Through the phenomenon, we can see the essence. What are the outstanding problems in domestic children’s playgrounds?

Although the current domestic cultural tourism industry is actively developing with a vigorous attitude, relevant policies and industry dynamics are very conducive to the development of the children’s amusement industry, and there are also commendable places in some aspects, but there are always obvious problems. Most of the venues in my country today The environmental quality provided and the quality and utilization of children’s amusement facilities are not satisfactory, mainly in the following aspects:

1. The venue lacks professionalism

In urban construction, most cities are currently in the stage of enclosing land for real estate. Even if there are professional large-scale playgrounds, most of their purposes are used for land speculation, which is very amateur in children’s care. In addition, the pertinence and professionalism of outdoor playgrounds are worthy of reflection.

2. The backward function of the equipment is single

Many friends will have this experience, thinking that many children’s playgrounds have nothing new except pedestal slides, swings, and trampolines. This is indeed a very common situation in the industry. Lack of fun and creativity, the existing outdoor playground for children only provides simple game equipment for children to carry out simple activities. The single type of game facilities cannot meet the needs of various children’s various game activities. When setting up facilities, there is a lack of research on the psychological or physical characteristics of children of different ages, the characteristics of the crowd are ambiguous, and the design of the venue appears dull, lacking in interest and creativity.

3. Lack of industry norms

There is no set of effective industry standards. Everyone does their own things and does what they want. The advantage of this can be creative and unrestrained. However, some parks lack basic safety and health guarantees for the design of children’s outdoor venues. Some children’s playgrounds often only have game equipment, and there are no precautions against safety accidents that may occur in the venues, which can easily cause children to appear safe in the game.

Accident, injured.

4. Lack of effective use of the natural environment

Most of the existing outdoor playgrounds for children in our country have strong artificial colors and rarely use natural materials as the materials of the facilities. The colors of the ground paving or facilities are mostly bright and eye-catching, and they are extremely incompatible with the natural environment. In the treatment of the space of the site, the lines are often stiff and the machinery is dull, lacking childishness and delicate sense. These may be problems that will inevitably arise in the process of urbanization. We cannot control the limitations of this era. Then we should try our best to avoid these problems in the process of counter-urbanization that will inevitably occur in the future, and return the next generation to their youth. Children have a more pure entertainment sky, so that their growth memory is not only high-rise buildings and busy cars, but also wonderful happy times brought by the strong technology and culture. This difficult process is also the key to breaking through the shackles of the amusement industry.

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