How can a customer choose Outdoor amusement equipment better?

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The safety of outdoor amusement facilities during the Golden Week is worth pondering. How can a customer choose Outdoor amusement equipment better?

The safety of outdoor amusement equipment has always been a topic of concern to people. Safety is no small matter. Once an accident occurs, the consequences can be disastrous. For example, the amusement facilities in a scenic spot in Chengde, Hebei Province suddenly failed on 5.2. Many tourists were hovering in the sky. This is very dangerous. In fact, these amusement facilities are basically large-scale high-altitude outdoor amusement facilities with power. They usually don’t have many tourists, and their maintenance is not in place, which leads to frequent accidents.

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For this reason, many investors choose unpowered amusement equipment, which can reduce the occurrence of many accidents, but no matter what amusement equipment is, safety issues are the most important.

Therefore, we recommend that customers pay attention to the following aspects when choosing outdoor amusement equipment

First, look at the scale of the manufacturer

The scale of amusement equipment manufacturer is the first factor to consider when purchasing amusement equipment. Only with a certain scale of production can there be a supporting R&D team, production team and after-sales team. Only professional manufacturers can focus on the production and development of amusement equipment, and can provide good products and high-quality after-sales service. In addition, relatively large-scale companies will pay more attention to their brand reputation, so when choosing amusement equipment manufacturers, they must choose a relatively large-scale production.

Second, pay attention to the process details of the product, to see if there are sharp corners and so on. Be absolutely responsible for the safety of your children.

Third, special attention should be paid to the safety of daily operations. The safety standards of the site must comply with the regulations, the daily management must be paid attention to, and safety must always be kept in mind and implemented in action. Only a safe amusement park can be recognized by tourists and can achieve sustainable operation!

Fourth, the material used in the product depends on whether the knot is strong and whether the material is environmentally friendly.

Fifth, when purchasing outdoor amusement equipment, be sure to ask the manufacturer’s after-sales policy. Different after-sales policies have a huge impact on operators. For example, Only a good after-sales policy can guarantee the long-term normal operation of the product, and it is not prone to major failures that affect its own operations.


The “Special Equipment Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” clarifies that large outdoor amusement facilities and other special equipment operators that provide services to the public shall be responsible for the safety of the use of special equipment, set up special equipment safety management agencies or be equipped with full-time special equipment safety Management personnel; special equipment users should conduct regular maintenance and regular self-inspection of the special equipment they use, and make records; special equipment users should conduct comprehensive inspections to eliminate accidents when special equipment malfunctions or abnormalities occur. The use of passenger ropeways and large outdoor amusement facilities shall be carried out for trial operation and routine safety inspections, and the safety accessories and safety protection devices shall be inspected and confirmed before the use of passenger ropeways and large outdoor amusement facilities are put into use every day.

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