The future development of unpowered amusement equipment

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What is unpowered amusement equipment?

In simple terms, unpowered amusement equipment refers to those without any power devices such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic, and are composed of functional parts such as climbing, sliding, drilling, ladder walking, swinging, etc. and structures, fasteners and connecting parts. Rides.


What is the future development model of unpowered amusement equipment?

1. The perfect combination of unpowered amusement equipment and parent-child park.

With the liberalization of the second-child policy, the number of children is constantly increasing. The demand for parent-child paradise is constantly increasing.

Every family attaches great importance to the children’s development in many aspects, and hopes that the children will advance in their studies. Let the brain develop during play.

Unpowered play equipment can stimulate children’s inner independence and creativity to a certain extent.

Parent-child paradise children and parents can accompany each other to promote parent-child relationship, parents are very happy to participate in it.

2. Combination of unpowered amusement equipment and rural construction

Rural construction is a new trend in cultural tourism projects. The combination of rural construction and unpowered amusement equipment can promote the development of rural economy.

Unpowered large stainless steel slide

The combination of unpowered amusement equipment and the countryside can not only ensure the original ecology of the countryside, but also inject vitality into the construction of the countryside.

unpowered amusement equipment stainless steel slide

With the help of Internet celebrity amusement equipment to create country houses, the most beautiful countryside.

Third, the combination of unpowered amusement equipment and scenic spots

The combination of scenic spot development and unpowered amusement equipment greatly reduces the damage to the natural landscape of the scenic spot.

The introduction of unpowered amusement equipment in the scenic spot can create an Internet celebrity scenic spot, which not only brings in passenger flow but also brings economic benefits.


The development of these three modes of unpowered amusement equipment is the three main forces of future development.

The product of unpowered amusement equipment has low price and low maintenance cost, and can be applied to any environment with a wide range of use.

Unpowered amusement equipment can carry out diversified innovations in shape and novel styles.

Therefore, the future development prospects of the amusement equipment industry without power are very objective, and at the same time, it will greatly promote the development of the amusement equipment industry.

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