How To Choose A Manufacturer To Join The Children’s Naughty Castle?

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How to choose a manufacturer for children’s naughty castle? Many friends who want to start a business will focus on playgrounds such as children’s naughty castle. So, how do you choose the franchisee of the children’s naughty castle? How to judge the quality of the manufacturer? Let us take a look. One, the normal process

We can make a rough judgment through the process of whether the licensed manufacturer of    Children’s Naughty Castle is normal. The formal children’s naughty castle manufacturer should first determine the customer’s venue area after receiving the customer’s inquiry. After all, the facilities and equipment required at different locations will be different. Therefore, it can be better to understand the actual situation of the site. Device Selection.

After   , the final rendering will be determined according to the on-site conditions provided by the investor, and then both parties will modify and finalize the draft, and then the manufacturer will quote and sign the contract after the two parties sign the contract. negotiation.

   The above process is what a regular franchisee of children’s naughty castle should do. If the manufacturer directly provides a quote to the visitor, it is clearly non-compliant. If you encounter such a manufacturer, you will usually encounter second-hand equipment or reference quotations. Therefore, investors must be clear about the accuracy and feasibility of this quotation before making a better judgment.

  二, field trip

   Before investors invest, it is best to conduct at least one on-site inspection of the manufacturer. Such inspection not only allows us to understand the current working conditions and qualification certificates of the manufacturer, but also provides us with more follow-up cooperation. reference.

   In addition, the inspection of the strength of the manufacturer is more real to our investors. After all, if we consider manufacturers through the Internet and other means, we are likely to get fake certificates or shell companies.

  By choosing to visit the children’s naughty castle to join the manufacturer, we can effectively avoid these problems, so that we can more truly understand the strength of our partners, and provide greater guarantees for the quality of subsequent production products.

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