What Is The Category Of Children’s Amusement Equipment Manufacturers?

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What types of children’s amusement equipment manufacturers are there? Many parents value the healthy growth of their children, and in the naughty castle industry, the number of investors is increasing. Therefore, for friends who want to invest in naughty castles, which equipment categories should they first understand?? The editors of children’s amusement equipment manufacturers will briefly introduce this. Let’s see.

  一, platform category

   1. Drilling: Drilling is equipment owned by many naughty castles. The main purpose of drilling is to keep the child healthy. At the same time, during the drilling process, the child’s limbs can be more coordinated and coordinated. Ability is better developed.

  2, veneer bridge: veneer bridge seems to have a certain degree of difficulty, so it can also allow children to better exercise patience. When crossing the bridge carefully, the grids on both sides can also protect the child to a certain extent.

  3, roller type: There are rollers on the water and obstacles, both of which can help the child’s balance ability to get a good exercise.

  二, climbing class

   In addition, children’s amusement equipment manufacturers will also have different climbing items. These climbing projects are a big test of children’s physical fitness and endurance, which can better improve children’s physical fitness and cultivate children’s endurance.

  三, revolving class

   1. Merry-go-round: Today’s carousel also has many forms of evolution. Many small carousels, time and space shuttles have the function of a carousel. This kind of equipment is mainly to cultivate children’s coordination ability and let them have fun. In the middle, the nervous system can be well stimulated and developed, thereby enhancing the child’s self-confidence and adaptability.

  2, Happy Octopus: Climbing, crawling and other methods are used to maintain body balance, which can effectively promote the stretching of various parts of the child’s body.

  Four, sliding type

  1, slide: various slide facilities can make the child’s nervous system better develop.

  2, Dangqiao: Dangqiao can give full play to the balance ability of children’s cerebellum, and it also has a good exercise effect on children’s courage.

   Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned common types of children’s amusement equipment manufacturers, some trampolines, sea balls, etc. are common amusement facilities in playful castles.

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