How To Calculate The Price Of Children’s Naughty Castle?

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How to calculate the price of children’s naughty castle? Naughty castle is a place for children’s education. Many parents will take their children to play, so more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to look for business opportunities in it. So, how to calculate the cost price of the children’s naughty castle? What is the method of opening the price of the children’s naughty castle? Let’s take a look.

   Actually, there are two main ways to quote children’s naughty castles. One is to make a square quotation based on the area of the site; the other is to make a complete set of equipment quotations based on the matching situation of the naughty castle.

  一, square quote

   Many investors who want to carry out the naughty castle project will have a general understanding of the site before making an offer. What is the area of this venue, so the price of the opening location, investors will consider in the budget.

   For example, in some places near a supermarket, the required area ranges from tens to hundreds of square meters. The length, width and height of the venue must be fully considered, and even the theme that the audience likes. In order to finally estimate the price of the naughty castle.

   This kind of naughty castle is quoted in squares, and the price is usually between 600-1200 yuan per square meter. According to different facilities and materials, different combinations, the specific price will be different.

  二, the whole set of quotations

For some whole amusement parks, we can quote directly, such as some race tracks, parent-child handicrafts and other equipment. The overall price of each set of equipment is about 50,000 yuan or so. This kind of equipment is priced according to the set price, usually Prices are based on equipment, so different equipment will have different price differences.

  Of course, there will be some relatively large and commonly used equipment that needs to be purchased again or an additional set, but such a complete set of equipment usually only needs two to three sets to be used in amusement parks. Therefore, when calculating the price of the naughty castle, we should still make a reasonable budget based on our actual situation and actual area.

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