Composition Of Bouldering Climbing Wall

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Rock climbing really became an independent sport. It was first seen in France in 1970. Before that, rock climbing was attached to mountaineering activities, and the purpose was only to overcome the difficulties in the mountaineering process. The term [sports climbing] only appeared formally during this period, and was given a clear definition. Since then, rock climbing has its own new life, and it has developed independently from mountaineering. There are more and more people. Although they are not climbers, or they have never climbed mountains, they are climbing. Found a lot of fun. This is the bouldering climbing wall.

The rock wall bracket is the main structure of the bouldering climbing wall, divided into independent structure and supported structure. Steel structure is generally adopted. Climbing fulcrum is an important accessory for bouldering climbing wall. Its production materials and processes are similar to the rock slab, with different shapes, both simulated and cartoon. It is fixed on the slab by stainless steel bolts. Point and foot boarding point.

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