Maze outdoor playground play facilities

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Labyrinth outdoor playground refers to a place where children and citizens can play freely. There are usually seesaws, carousels, swings, horizontal bars, parallel bars, slides, hanging swings, rings, toy cabins and mazes. Large-scale labyrinth outdoor playground will also build roller coaster, ferris wheel, 3D cinema and other large-scale facilities. These games can help children develop collaboration skills, strengthen their bodies and learn life skills, but also provide entertainment and enjoyment. Experts believe that the social skills children learn in outdoor labyrinths will make them useful for life.

An independent survey pointed out that the labyrinth outdoor playground is the most frequented place for children outdoors. Many forms of games are good for both body and mind, but free and real-time play can benefit children more. The labyrinth outdoor playground usually also has small adult sports facilities for children to play, such as baseball, ice skating, basketball or rope ball. Sometimes, schools or other voluntary agencies will also provide play facilities for the maze outdoor playground. In the past two decades, the amusement facilities in the labyrinth outdoor playground have been constantly changed to meet higher safety standards. For example, the climbing frame used to be made of steel, and the climbing frame uses less steel and more nylon rope net structure.

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