In Order To Make You And Your Children Have Fun And Safe, You Must Pay Attention To The Correct Use Of Children’s Play Equipment

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As long as it is a holiday, parents should accompany their children into children’s play equipment and enjoy their leisure time. In order to make you and your children have fun and safe, you must pay attention to the correct use of children’s play equipment:

   1. For children’s play equipment, please refer to the “Safety Check” sign.

   2. When you decide to use children’s play equipment, you must read “Passenger Precautions” and “Warnings” carefully. “Passenger Notice” needs to draw attention and raise some questions. Depending on your physical condition, the stimulation device that is not up to height or age is not high.

   3. In the play, it is an important part of the safe work of tourists. For your safety, you must abide by the safety regulations. In order to operate children’s play equipment, please do not put any part of the car on your hands, feet and body, do not untie the safety belt and open the safety rod.

   4. No glasses, cameras, school bags and key items that can easily fall into the body of children’s play equipment.

   5. Follow the instructions of the staff from top to bottom, put aside, do not enter the isolation area.

   6. In the event of an accident in the children’s play equipment, please do not panic or disturb. While waiting for the rescuer’s original position, do not loosen the safety belt and open the safety lever.

   7. Complete children’s play equipment must follow the instructions and guidance of the staff, busy parking, stop some equipment, safety belt and safety rod, and pass the export quarantine under the guidance of platform service personnel.

  When entering children’s play equipment, you must pay attention to the above matters to ensure the safety of children’s play equipment.

  Each new type of amusement equipment should provide instructions for tourists so that tourists can understand the rules for using the new amusement equipment. However, many companies do not know what to include in tourist information. If the content is too short, it will result in imperfect tourist information.

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