The development process of bouldering climbing wall

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The artificial bouldering climbing wall is assembled from dozens to hundreds of rock slabs. The rock slabs can be assembled into different inclination with different climbing difficulty, such as overhanging, eaves, straight walls and other various rock conditions that can be seen in nature, fixed on the brackets to create various space shapes. Mountaineering originated in the European Alps and did not formally appear until the 1950s. Rock climbing is a modern athletic event derived from mountaineering. There is also a beautiful legend about the origin of rock climbing: on the top of the cliffs in the European Alps, a rare alpine rose grows. According to legend, as long as you have this kind of rose, you can get a happy love. So, the brave young man scrambled to climb the rock, picked flowers and dedicated them to the beloved.

Rock climbing evolved into an independent sport. It was first seen in France in 1970. Prior to this, rock climbing was attached to mountaineering activities, and the purpose was only to overcome difficulties in the mountaineering process. The term [sport rock climbing] was also in this period. Only formally appeared, and given a clear definition. Since then, rock climbing has its own new life, and it has developed independently from mountaineering. There are more and more people. Although they are not climbers, or they have never climbed mountains, they are climbing. Found a lot of fun. This is the bouldering climbing wall.

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