Big Amusement Park Equipment

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The big amusement park is an indispensable part of the park. On every holiday and Sunday, the playground is a must for parents, children, couples, and friends to relax and entertain the park. The main amusement equipment of the park playground includes:

1. Mechanical amusement equipment: roller coaster, cable car, simple carousel, luxury carousel, laser chariot, rail train, lifting, automatic control aircraft, hydraulic aircraft, bumper car, pirate ship, crazy car flying, ferris wheel, roller coaster, Arabian flying carpet , Viewing car, three-dimensional space ring.

2. Inflatable amusement equipment: inflatable pool, inflatable castle, inflatable maze, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable slide, inflatable bungee, inflatable swimming pool.

3. Water park: water roller, water battery boat, inflatable swimming pool, inflatable pool, water walking ball, leisure ball, rafting boat, kayak, hand boat, water bike, electric boat, mobile water park, pedal boat ,yacht.


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