Rainbow Rope Net Software Climbing Project Specification Manual

Table of Contents

Rope Net User Manual: 1. Children in the age range of three and fifteen years old for playing;

2. A piece of amusement equipment can carry no more than 20-40 children at the same time (according to the size and capacity);

3. Children who are too young need to be trained by professional development coaches or accompanied by their parents before playing. The parents must be adults who are over 18 years old and have full responsibility for behavior;

4. Before use, check whether tourists have sharp edges and corners to prevent cutting the rope net. If so, it should be prohibited in time to protect the rope net; do not jump directly from the height of the equipment during the game and do not make dangerous actions to avoid falling Hurt and bump into other children;

5. It is forbidden to stay for a long time in the position of the rope net channel, so as not to affect others, cause congestion and bruises;

6. It is forbidden to chew gum, eat snacks, drink beverages, etc. during play;

7. It is forbidden to spit, swear, fight and other uncivilized behaviors in amusement equipment;

8. When children enter and play, please wear socks to enter, on the one hand, to reduce friction on children’s feet, and on the other hand to ensure that the rope net is clean.

9. To ensure health and safety, prohibit children suffering from congenital and infectious diseases (including heart disease, mental illness, and infectious diseases) from entering the venue;

10. It is forbidden to modify the rope net structure, dismantle, replace the rope net and add the rope net without authorization;


       Rainbow rope net software climbing project: According to children’s physical characteristics, a number of technical problems have been overcome, and a scientific combination has formed a children’s activity project that integrates amusement, puzzles, expansion and health. Shaking, shaking, shaking and jumping are the natural interests of children. Based on the child-centered principle, we designed the rainbow combination trampoline, a highly dynamic product. It is composed of a variety of color patterns and a highly elastic plane, with high safety and toughness. It can not only accommodate more children for entertainment and play, but also design climbing ladders of different difficulty, and with swing swings, rainbow balls, climbing towers, climbing channels, colorful ladders and other entertainment projects, it can meet the different needs of children. Such a colorful environment makes children have a strong sense of visual beauty, allowing them to grow up happily and safely in the fairy-tale color kingdom. As a new children’s amusement project, it has become the most popular children’s entertainment project in recent years.

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