Precautions For The Naughty Fort Project

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The naughty castle is designed according to the characteristics of children. Through scientific three-dimensional combination, a new generation of children’s activity center integrating amusement, sports, puzzles and fitness is formed, placing children in a thrilling, safe and secure amusement environment. This facility is conducive to children’s full use of vitality and imagination, while having fun, the body gets aerobic endurance exercise; it is conducive to meeting the psychological requirements of children to compete, be unwilling to fall behind, and have the courage to explore, and make them healthier Grow up happily and intelligently; at the same time, it helps to cultivate children’s brave, tenacious and tenacious personality, exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body, strengthening the brain and improving the intelligence.

Ocean ball pool: you can learn colors, points, grouping, calculation, throwing, slap sports, tidying up, discipline, habits, etc.

Trampoline: exercise his leg muscles and improve body harmony.

Balance platform: to build the body’s balance ability.

Slide: Children’s limbs and whole body coordination are continuously and completely exercised on the slide.

Dangqiao: Establish body balance ability, improve body harmony. Exercise children’s courage.

Horn kick: the integration of posture and both sides promotes a high degree of action planning.

Massage ball: test children’s vestibular balance ability and sense of gravity.

Rotating dolphins: Children climb and sit in a safe parallel rotation through the coordinated and stable cooperation of the upper and lower limbs to form a new balance experience and promote the improvement of sensory integration ability.

Time and Space Shuttle: Through vertical rotation, children enhance the development and maturity of the nervous system, accumulate experience and develop self-confidence and adaptability in the challenge of rotating games.

Rainbow Sky Ladder: The exterior is made of wood, with heavy foam foam at both ends, high strength, the naughty castle must achieve high-quality insurance function, and the inclination angle of the installation is less than 30 degrees, which conforms to the national standard;

Balcony: The exterior of the naughty castle is multi-layer board, with high strength and high-quality insurance function;

Plastic ballistics and slides: bright colors, anti-ultraviolet (UV) power up to level 8, in line with drug-level specifications, strong anti-static power, insurance and environmental protection, good weather resistance, high strength In order to protect children’s insurance performance when they are playing naughty castles, the country A series of detailed skill requests for each location of Naughty Fort has been launched.

Carpet: High-density EVA foam sponge, safe and environmentally friendly.


The children’s playground is a playground for children. While playing, we should also pay attention to the following points:

1. Before entering the naughty fort, you should take off your shoes and put it in the shoe cabinet, and put your carry-on items in the locker to maintain the sanitation and safety in the naughty fort.  

2. In the overall design of Naughty Castle products, there should be no sharp objects, hard objects, etc. that can easily cause harm to children where they can be seen and touched. If there are sharp objects in some places, keep away from this area and inform the operator.

3. Naughty castles are generally mainly used by children aged 2-8 years old and under 1.3 meters in height. Children under 6 years old should be accompanied by a guardian when entering. Parents are not allowed to bring objects into the naughty castle to avoid scratching their bodies during the game.  

4. When the child enters the naughty castle to play, the guardian should do a good job of safety education for the child and remind the child not to support playing in the facility.  

5. The protective net around the naughty castle only plays a protective role. Climbing and pulling forcefully are prohibited.  

6. It is forbidden to damage the amusement equipment, open the back cover, seat cushion cover, touch the power supply, and the line. Otherwise, you will be at your own risk.

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