How Will The Manufacturer Of The Children’s Naughty Castle Carry Out Maintenance?

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Now whether in first- and second-tier cities or third- and fourth-tier small cities, we can see various water parks and castle parks of children’s naughty castles everywhere. These large playgrounds are mainly open to children. Therefore, if such equipment is damaged, will the manufacturer of the children’s naughty castle repair it?

  What are the common damage problems in these entertainment facilities in the castles of children’s naughty castles? Faced with these damage problems, how should our investors respond? Let us briefly look at these problems.

   Question 1: The castle player in the children’s naughty castle has been damaged. Will the manufacturer repair it?

  Inflatable toys have been fully considered when they leave the factory. Above, most children’s naughty castle equipment manufacturers will use first-class thick fabrics with environmental performance, which is unlikely to be damaged.

   In addition, if you scratch this cloth with a sharp object, there is a better remedy:

  1, if the damage does not exceed 10 cm, only a patch is required. The pasting method is also relatively simple. You only need to apply glue on the skin of the same color, then stick the two pieces of cloth together when it is fast-drying, and then use a spatula to squeeze out the bubbles in it. If you can use a blower to do it, the effect will be better. .

  2, if the damaged part is too long, we need to sew it first, and then paste it according to the above method. In addition, if there is no air duct, you can choose to paste it when the temperature is higher at noon, and the effect will be better.

   Question 2: How long is the lifespan of the children’s naughty castle?

  Many equipment manufacturers of children’s naughty castles will fully consider the service life of the equipment when manufacturing equipment, in order to do more in terms of materials. better. Generally, an inflatable fortress has about 110,000 users, and its service life is about three to four years.

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