Wooden Outdoor Park Design

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The planning and design of the wooden outdoor park should be guided by certain scientific and technological and artistic principles, and gradually require functions such as recreation, viewing, and environmental protection. Planning is a comprehensive study to solve mutual problems in the construction of wooden outdoor parks. Such as determining the nature, function, scale of the wooden outdoor park, the layout in the green space system, division of labor, relationship with urban facilities, spatial layout, environmental capacity, construction steps and other issues. The design is based on planning, using drawings and manuals to make the overall and original functions of the wooden outdoor park simple and diverse, with a focus on providing a quiet environment for rest, such as walking and viewing.

Since the early 20th century, after the development of the construction of wooden outdoor parks, many activities have been added. Comprehensive wooden outdoor parks generally have watching tours, quiet rest, children’s games, recreational activities, cultural science popularization, service facilities, wooden Outdoor park planning is usually a combination of landscaping and functional zoning, organizing plants, water bodies, rocks, buildings, etc. according to the principles of garden art, and setting appropriate activities to form scenic spots or scenic spots, which constitute the main wooden outdoor park Materials, such as plants, topography, and landforms evolved under the influence of natural conditions such as climate, time, and space. The main materials of the wooden outdoor park form a unified form of coordination, diverse and unified, and a major and secondary art composition. The planning and design of the park must take these influences into account, adapting to local conditions and time, and creating different local characteristics and styles.

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