How Can Indoor Playgrounds Quickly Restore The Vitality Of Stores In The Post-epidemic Era?

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the indoor amusement industry has suffered an unprecedented impact. With the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation, more and more indoor playgrounds have begun to resume business. How to restore the vitality of stores and quickly restart operational capabilities has become the top priority for amusement riders.

First, maintain communication and interaction with customers;

Second, do some profit-making work. For example, to extend the validity date of the membership card, the customer can extend the membership card by visiting the store with the card within the specified time;

Third, do a good job in the disinfection of the store, and do a good job in the display, so that the guests will feel safe after they come, and they can see and experience them.

Many children’s amusement parks are located on the ground floor of shopping malls, which have peculiar smells and are not ventilated. Some children’s entertainment centers in the shopping malls are not well-ventilated, and they are very close to dining venues, causing the air to become muddy. Summer is here, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Although there is air conditioning in the room, children will still sweat during jumping, running and other activities. The sweat will flow to the amusement facilities, which is neither hygienic nor safe, and slips easily.

How to improve children’s play experience? In addition to doing a good job of disinfection, it is also necessary to rely on mechanical ventilation equipment, such as large industrial fans, to mechanically ventilate and cool the play area to dissipate peculiar smell, sweat and turbid air.

Industrial fans are large-scale ventilation and cooling equipment, which are widely used in workshops, warehouses and logistics. They are not widely known because they are rarely used in daily life. It is hoisted above the building, and a single unit can cover an area of 1900 square meters, and the large amount of air flow that is pushed out forms a body circulation, which can completely expel odor, sweat, and turbid air. At the same time, a single large industrial fan only needs 1.5kw/h, which truly achieves energy saving and consumption reduction, is green and durable, and can save a lot of operating expenses.

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