Beautiful Outdoor Wooden Park

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The smallest but most dynamic wooden outdoor park, in addition to a large number of equipment toys, fish feeding, laser gun boat, roller skates are special features. The swimming pool is open for two months in summer, and the wave pool and small beach are must-have items in the city. 

Wooden outdoor parks that are also popular with children, but unfortunately there are often nondescript garden festivals during the festival, which will expand, crowding, and noise. On a weekday, Chaoyang Wooden Outdoor Park is actually a wide area suitable for running and flying kites. Most amusement equipment is not suitable for children, but there is a special children’s area. Parents of children remember to bring a cart. The area is really wide. There is a ski area in the east gate, which is very small, but it is the closest to the city. There is also the Sony Quest, which kids over four years old will definitely like.

It is also a wooden outdoor park that is very suitable for children. It has a beautiful scenery, and there is a room inside which can be played in the winter. The “Snow Mountain Slide” made of stones in amusement equipment, which many parents have played as a child, is a nostalgic classic project. There is also a children’s section for babies under 3 years old.

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