Construction materials for bouldering climbing wall

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With the progress of social civilization, there are more and more domestic climbing enthusiasts, which is a good thing for the development of outdoor sports. Hubei Liteng Army has been building a bouldering climbing wall for more than 10 years, and has encountered more and more people to consult their knowledge on the construction of bouldering climbing walls. Today, I will specifically talk about the materials commonly used in the construction process of bouldering climbing walls.

The first type: fiberglass material. The FRP material is the traditional material of the previous climbing board material. Many advantages of FRP climbing board have been transformed into the best choice of climbing board material. The advantages of glass fiber reinforced plastic are: 1, not afraid of wind, rain and rain 2, durable and not deformed, can be used for many years. 3. There is less maintenance in the later stage, and there is basically no need for excessive maintenance in the later stage. The surface is completely dirty, so spray the topcoat. 4. Rich shape of rock wall. 5. The color can be individually for each spot or even painted. 6. Can conduct professional rock climbing competitions. Disadvantages: 1, the cost is expensive, here refers to the good quality glass steel climbing board, please ignore the poor quality. 2. Heavy weight and inconvenient installation. 3. Single block

4. Part of the uneven rock climbing board is inconvenient or even unable to install large climbing modeling points. 5. The hole size and the adjustability of the climbing point are limited. 6. Basically, it can not be cut. It needs to be installed according to the specified size of the rock board.

Advantages: 1. The material cost is relatively cheap, and the overall cost is low. 2. Save at the same time for later maintenance, basically 3. Rock wall can produce various shapes according to the design, but it can only be a plane transition, not an arc. 4. The color can be designed arbitrarily, even painted. 5. The number of rock points that can be installed is the largest, and the line is the most selective. 6. Can conduct professional rock climbing competitions. 7. Light weight per unit area, and each board is large, easy to install, few seams. 8. It can be arbitrarily cut, easy to install. Disadvantages: 1. Because it is a wooden board, it cannot withstand the wind and rain. Using it on the top can not reset the repeated test, so it is basically used indoors. 2. It is easy to be deformed by the influence of air temperature and humidity, which affects the use.

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