Children learn the benefits of bouldering climbing walls

Table of Contents

1. Increase the body’s softness and coordination: This is the key ability of rock climbing, and its importance is more important than physical strength. European and American medical institutions have used rock climbing to coordinate the training of youth’s muscle development and physical fitness.

2. Strengthen physical strength: The bouldering climbing wall is a whole-body movement. The size of the hands and feet is strong and strong. The whole body movements emphasize more balanced strength and beauty. Children who love rock climbing often have strong and beautiful bodies, elegant and light movements, and better physical strength than ordinary people.

3. Training concentration: When the hands and feet are steadily climbing the rock blocks, the three points do not move a little, pay attention to every detail on the climbing route, to avoid mistakes and falls. At this time, special attention is especially needed. Especially for active and unfocused children, rock climbing is the best training and concentration activity.

4. Cultivate enterprising spirit: When climbing on the rocky wall, the goal is in sight but encounters difficulties, is it to give up, or continue to persevere? It tests the child’s willpower, sense of honor and self-transcendence.

Fifth, increase self-confidence: the rock wall that is taller than its height, still resolutely climbs up, not afraid of facing the difficult challenges in the process. The success of challenges one after another not only brings fun and satisfaction, the sense of accomplishment is accompanied by the improvement of self-confidence, and nurtures children’s self-confidence to be brave to challenge.

Sixth, to enhance the sense of balance: the basic action of “three points do not move, one point move” on the rock wall is based on a sense of balance. A child with a good sense of balance will naturally have good exercise cells, flexible hands and feet, good walking, and good manners.


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