Outdoor Climbing Net

PW-001 Series

Climbing nets are an excellent source of cardiovascular and strength training. These nets were originally used to lift cargo on and off of ships. Soon cargo nets became a standard piece of training equipment for sailors. Today they are equipment that makes exercise fun for kids.



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    PW-001 Series

    Climbing Net Outdoor Playground Equipment

    Free size, Can be tailored customized

    Outdoor children’s climbing nets are currently a very popular amusement project, which is more common in outdoor parks, children’s playgrounds, scenic spots and other places. The materials of climbing nets are mainly polyester, polyethylene, nylon and nylon. So now if you talk about outdoor rope climbing, it is not a particularly advanced thing, but rather ordinary amusement equipment.


    The outdoor rope net climbing net equipment is made of high-end materials and will not be affected by bad weather outdoors. Even under heavy rain and exposure to the sun, it can also be used for a normal period of time to ensure a relatively new state.


    This active behavior of climbing has been accompanied by infancy and has become very obvious in childhood. Therefore, outdoor rope climbing net has always been widely liked by children, but also includes teenagers and adults.




    However, the current rope climbing net games still has certain safety hazards, especially in some unknown scenic spots, the use of materials is relatively bad. Such amusement equipment is cheaper, but the real use value is very low and cannot meet the normal amusement needs  and normal loading.


    Therefore, it is required to pay attention to the material and manufacturer’s brand when purchasing outdoor rope climbing equipment. The general public’s brand quality has a certain degree of safety guarantee, and warranty items will be carried out in the later period, such as Wenzhou Hello Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. will provide such professional services.




    Custom Containers FAQs

    Wenzhou Hello Amusement Equipment Co., ltd is located in Wenzhou city, east of China. It was founded in 2013.Wenzhou Hello Amusement as a manufacturer of customizing non-standard amusement projects with more than 10 years of production experience,We have 8 research and develop personnel, with 12 patents. tailored custom make service is available. CE, EN1176 certified, Certificate of origin (Form E, Form A…) can be issused directly for easier custom clearance. CE, EN1176, certificate of origin, legal licensed invoice, Saber and other custom clearance file can be provided for our customers You are welcomed to contact us freely.

    Undoubtedly, you can share your story and your products’ feature through the fantastic designs. Let your creative designs into reality, we can process customized coloring and printing on bottles & jars, and match the corresponding boxes and labels. Which helps your everlasting brand impact and gain more trust from the customers.

    If you only need our bottle in stock without any customized at a glance firstly, we can offer 2 units samples in free of charge, but you must undertake the shipping courier fee accordingly. Of course, if you have issued your own account by DHL, FEDEX or UPS, you can contact them to pick up the samples from our side directly. If you need the customized samples to process the color coating and printing, we’ll charge the sample fee calculating as per the detailed request. Once receiving the charges, we can proceed the sample order, usually it needs about 7~15days to finish.

    About customized bottles and jars, our regular MOQ is 5000 units or 10,000 units according to your detailed request. However, we accept 500 units minimum for the stock supplying items.

    Typically, it is about seven days for stock items. The regularᅠturnaround timeᅠfor custom coloring prototype bottles is about 20~25days, and 30~35days for customized containers with printing. But for urgent orders, Shaoxing CosPack is able to finish the order in a shorter turnaround.

    Our normal packing is the standard export cardboard cartons, inside using a big poly bag to prevent the dust and impurities. Each bottle can be protected by poly bag or waved foam to avoid scratched or broken. Whatever the shipment by sea or by air, we would wrap the goods on the pallet by shrink film and belt for better strength & stability. Special using eco-friendly material such as paper or other recycled & recyclable materialᅠis available too.

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    Wenzhou Hello Amusement Equipment Co., ltd is located in Wenzhou city, east of China. It was founded in 2013. We are a fast developing manufacturer of children playground, which is research, designing, manufacturing and installation service integrated. Our products including: children park, slide playground, slide swing set, jungle gym, street workout and adventure playground, kids educational toys. Tailored design service is available for our customer. Urgent order can be accepted due to our strong production capacity by two production center.

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