Certified Outdoor Slide Children Playground



Pirate ship Certified Outdoor Slide Children Playground

Custom Make Children Slide and Climbing Playground





    Pirate ship Certified Outdoor Slide Children Playground

    Custom Make Children Slide and Climbing Playground 


    If you are a park owner or playground project manager, Will you consider what play equipment kids like, where kids want to locate the equipment?


    Implementing children’s perspectives into playground management could be a way of improving play possibilities for children in the local public space and supporting sustainable development, but it requires adults’ understanding. Children described their playground use through challenges, manipulation and place-making, something which was partly recognized by the park workers. The results indicate that children’s perspectives on playground use, particularly manipulation, should be implemented more fully into management work. Usually park are more attractive if integrated children’s conception


    Distributor relationship in some country is available,

    Welcome to contact us if you have professional selling system, and import licensed.



    You have good idea but no designers? And no factory to make your dream come true?

    Just let us know, we accept custom orders! Your playground can be customizedimage007


    For any questions concerning our children playground equipment or shipping, please don’t hesitate to call us at (0086)155 58858528 (Wechat or Whatsapp also) or send us email: izzie@childrenplay.cn   or 3217284136@qq.com 

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    Wenzhou Hello Amusement Equipment Co., ltd is located in Wenzhou city, east of China. It was founded in 2013. We are a fast developing manufacturer of children playground, which is research, designing, manufacturing and installation service integrated. Our products including: children park, slide playground, slide swing set, jungle gym, street workout and adventure playground, kids educational toys. Tailored design service is available for our customer. Urgent order can be accepted due to our strong production capacity by two production center.

    Customized Amusement Equipment FAQs

    Wenzhou Hello Amusement Equipment Co., ltd is located in Wenzhou city, east of China. It was founded in 2013.Wenzhou Hello Amusement as a manufacturer of customizing non-standard amusement projects with more than 10 years of production experience,We have 8 research and develop personnel, with 12 patents. tailored custom make service is available. CE, EN1176 certified, Certificate of origin (Form E, Form A…) can be issused directly for easier custom clearance. CE, EN1176, certificate of origin, legal licensed invoice, Saber and other custom clearance file can be provided for our customers You are welcomed to contact us freely.

    Simply put, on the one hand, the customized products tend to be more personalized, will not be repeated, will not cause aesthetic fatigue, on the other hand lies in the customized often according to the needs of the scene to customize the size, color and pattern, etc., to meet the needs of more users and scenes. Because different scenes of amusement equipment required specifications, colors and sizes are different. In some larger scenes, if the play equipment is relatively single, there is no way to meet the needs of different groups in a comprehensive manner. But if you choose to customize the traditional amusement equipment on the basis of innovation and optimization, the many people like the project into the same amusement facilities, so that it has a variety of amusement functions, can bring people a better experience.

    Samples are provided free of charge, but the buyer need to pay the freight.

    For order shipping by sea, MOQ is 10CBM(Cubic meters), For EXW, any quantity is ok.

    Stock 1 day, If not stock, 15 -20 days after samples confirmed .

    We usually pack them in standard wooden crates lined with large polyethylene film to protect them from dust and impurities. Whether shipping by sea or air, we wrap the goods on pallets with shrink wrap and straps for strength and stability. Our export packaging is divided into three types: glued wooden crate packaging, which is a material synthesized by processing and compression. The use of solid wood crate packaging: refers to the use of log wood squares and planks made of wood crates, solid wood pressure resistance and carrying capacity is greater than glued wood crates.

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