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Fiberglass Outdoor Big Water Slide

Fiberglass Big Water Slide for Children



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    Fiberglass Big Water Slide for Children

    Correct play method of children’s water slide, and precautions

    When using it, children must line up and use it in order. Do n’t be crowded and do n’t scramble. When going down the water slide, lay your feet flat, lean your back slightly, hold the guardrails on both sides of the water slide with your hands, and slide slowly. Before reaching the finish line, when standing up and leaving, the children in the back cannot slide directly. In order to avoid physical collision, causing physical injury.


    Wrong gameplay:

    1. The body slides backwards and slides against the slide with the chest, so that it is easy to rub the face with the ground when the end point is reached, causing damage to the face and serious disfigurement.

    2. Kneeling down on both knees. When using this kind of gliding method, the two knees and the plastic water slide have serious friction. When the knees can’t bear it, it is easy to fall down halfway during the sliding. , Fell directly to the ground in the air.

    3. Crawling from the bottom to the top of the water slide, while crawling below, there may be children sliding down on the top, and the two sides will cause a collision. Is a very dangerous act.


    the safety of children is the most important. How to make children play more at ease? Then the water slide needs frequent maintenance to ensure the safety of children and avoid accidents.

    In the use of water slides, the screws will loosen after a long time, and the water slides placed outside will be easily rusted after the wind and sun, so the frequent maintenance is a kind of responsibility for children.

    Is generally made of plastic. Once a crack is found, it needs to be replaced immediately. Don’t be lucky. The crack can easily ditch the user’s clothing, causing suffocation.

    During the use of water slides, teachers or parents must be accompanied to prevent children from doing excessive actions and accidents.



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