Wooden Outdoor Park Traffic Conditions

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Generally speaking, the high investment and high consumption characteristics of the theme wooden outdoor park make it deeply influenced by the social economy of the hinterland. Therefore, when designing the site for the theme wooden outdoor park, the economically developed areas should be considered first. The theme wooden outdoor parks with the same theme in the same area are densely distributed, which will inevitably cause insufficient customer resources and lead to vicious competition from enterprises.

Thirdly, the choice of the design site of the theme wooden outdoor park also needs to fully consider the traffic conditions in the area where the park is located, so as to facilitate the free flow of passengers. The area where the theme wooden outdoor park is located requires a relatively sound three-dimensional transportation system. In particular, there must be at least one main road near the theme wooden outdoor park that can accommodate a large amount of traffic and has a good intersection, and an auxiliary can be used as The secondary road for emergency exits. The developer of the theme wooden outdoor park should actively create good external conditions, and actively guide and promptly transport customers.


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