Wooden Outdoor Park Design Packaging

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Once the static wooden man-made landscape in the theme wooden outdoor park is built, it has a certain stability, and the follow-up plastic space is limited after all, and participating in the experience project determines whether the core attraction of the park is sustainable, so the packaging design of these projects needs to be professional Subjective and creative design and packaging.

For example, OCT has continuously innovated in the programming of the square performances. Its large-scale dance performances such as “Emerald”, “Genesis” and “Jianghai” are beautiful; organized torch festivals, Oktoberfest and other folk festivals. The theme party was brilliant, and a large number of attractive themes were developed and designed on the packaging of amusement projects, such as Happy Valley’s “Ant Kingdom” and “Trojan Horse”. These fascinating project designs have greatly increased the revisit rate of themed wooden outdoor parks, and also set a successful example of the extended life cycle of themed wooden outdoor parks in my country.

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