Why Can’t Indoor Children’s Naughty Castles Be On High Floors

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Many people ask whether the indoor children’s naughty castle can be located on a higher floor, which is actually impossible. The design code of high-rise buildings clearly stipulates that children’s naughty castles can only be located on the first, second and third floors, and are not allowed to be used in underground shopping malls or on floors above four floors. The place where the children’s naughty castle is located should not be less than two safety exits. It is best to have a separate entrance. When the shopping center is a high-rise building, independent entrances and exits must be provided, that is, independent safe passages must be provided.

It is understood that the “Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings” prohibits the establishment of nurseries, kindergartens and children’s playrooms on higher floors. The main consideration is that in the event of fire and other dangers, the children’s naughty castle is very convenient for children who lack the ability to escape.

Due to the uncertainty of fire occurrence and the rapid spread of fire, children’s naughty castles can easily threaten the lives of children. If the gathering place for children is set on a higher floor, in the event of a fire, the outdoor customized amusement equipment will be disastrous due to the weak survivability of children.

Therefore, many managers who operate indoor children’s naughty castles must be careful when choosing places and equipment to ensure the safety of children’s naughty castles. In addition to site selection, it should also be noted that various materials used by children’s amusement equipment manufacturers and trampoline manufacturers must be non-flammable, non-flammable or combustible materials after flame-retardant treatment to prevent the generation of toxic gases in the event of a fire; electrical The wiring must meet the specifications, and the pipe must be in place and used. When children’s amusement equipment manufacturers and trampoline manufacturers supply power to electrical equipment, please keep a sufficient distance from combustible materials.

Children’s Naughty Fort provides adequate fire fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, emergency lights for fire accidents and evacuation signs. Investors operating indoor naughty castles must take precautions and choose equipment carefully. Purchase products through official channels and choose a suitable installation location. Through the above answers, everyone must have a deeper understanding.

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