Which Parts Of Children’s Play Equipment Need To Be Checked

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Children’s amusement equipment playgrounds are becoming more and more popular, and there are many people in many playgrounds during holidays and weekends. The playground is a place where many people are concentrated. The equipment in the playground is played by a lot of amusement every day. Then, we need to maintain the equipment regularly to ensure that we play in children Facilities and equipment will not malfunction during operation, so how do we usually carry out equipment inspections? Let me tell you which parts of children’s amusement equipment need to be inspected.

The inspection of children’s amusement facilities and equipment is divided into three parts: daily inspection, regular inspection and special inspection. The daily inspection is the daily inspection of the sound, vibration, temperature, oil pressure, etc. of the key components of the equipment operation by the operator on duty, and the inspection results are recorded in the inspection card. Periodic inspection is to regularly check the performance of equipment with special inspection instruments. Special inspection refers to the targeted detection of specific equipment items and the use of special instruments and tools to inspect the equipment.

  The daily maintenance of children’s amusement equipment is the basis of maintenance work, which has the characteristics of regularization and institutionalization. Routine maintenance includes pre-maintenance, post-maintenance and in-service maintenance. The main contents include: cleaning and disinfecting the equipment regularly, refueling the equipment regularly, tightening screws and parts, checking the equipment for oil leakage, air leakage, and electricity leakage, etc., and checking whether the equipment has pests and corrosion.

The primary maintenance of    children’s amusement equipment is to make the equipment tidy, clean, lubricated, and safe, reduce equipment wear, eliminate hidden dangers, eliminate minor faults, and keep the equipment in a normal state. The primary maintenance of the equipment includes: disassembling and cleaning some parts, removing oil stains on the surface of the equipment, checking and adjusting the lubricating oil road, and keeping it unobstructed.

  The secondary maintenance of children’s amusement equipment manufacturers is to extend the service life of the facilities, meet the standards of the facilities and maintain the integrity of the equipment. The secondary maintenance of the equipment is: partial or complete disassembly inspection or cleaning according to the use of the equipment, repair of various parts and lines of the equipment, repair and replacement of damaged parts.

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