What Is The Cost Of Children’s Naughty Castle

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With the opening of the second child policy, the number of children around us began to increase, and many children’s naughty castles around us also came into being, and many people also hope to run children’s naughty castles. So, what is the operating cost of the children’s naughty castle? Here we have a look with trampoline manufacturers and children’s amusement equipment manufacturers.

The cost of trampoline equipment for children’s naughty castle-the price of trampoline equipment is related to the design plan, functional items and product quality. After determining the venue, please do not buy equipment blindly. You must fully consider your actual needs and determine the design plan. Trampoline manufacturers and children’s amusement equipment manufacturers will not neglect quality because of low cost, so subsequent losses will not be able to make up for the losses.

The rent of children’s naughty castle-mentioned in the site selection above. Rental costs also account for a large part of trampoline park operations. On the basis of considering the flow of people, try to choose a location with low rent and property costs.

Labor cost-The labor cost of the children’s naughty castle is mainly the staff of the venue. Employees are allocated according to different plans, and employee wages are determined by local actual wages.

Marketing expenses-If the location of the venue is good, it will greatly save the advertising expenses for marketing. You can decide whether to conduct marketing based on the actual situation. There are two types of children’s naughty castle marketing promotion: online and offline, and relevant promotion and deployment must be carried out in advance every month during the annual holidays, winter and summer vacations.

The membership management system of Children’s Naughty Castle-membership management system includes membership system, door system, locker system, etc.

Weak current system-Weak current system includes network broadband, network equipment, network wiring, wifi, audio broadcasting system, multimedia display system, monitoring, etc.

Water and electricity cost-daily water, electricity and other property costs of Children’s Naughty Castle.

The above is some introduction about the cost of children’s naughty castle, I hope to help you.

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