What Are The Supporting Facilities in The Children’s Naughty Castle Equipment?

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The new generation of children’s naughty castle equipment includes various game items of previous generations of naughty castles (for example: trampoline, ocean ball pool, aerial tackle, single-plank bridge, chain bridge, driving cabin, spiral slide, slide tube, rainbow ladder , Rock climbing, flying saucers, carbines, cannons, automatic guns, cartoon partitions, etc.), and new items such as aerial cars, volcanic eruptions, and animal spray balls. Children can use the dynamic soft sponge ball of the fort and use the “cannon” “To carry out bombing, or use the “carbine” to shoot, the “rubber bow” to surrender, or to throw with bare hands. Under the flying saucer, receiving a bubble ball bath from the sky is extremely happy. All activities are thrilling, safe and full of excitement and challenges. Electric carousel, happy octopus and other supporting facilities in children’s naughty castle equipment.

  Is there anyone who is opening or thinking of opening a children’s naughty castle to come in and exchange experience, urgent!!!

   Ha ha ha, I don’t need such a good location. As long as the transportation is convenient and the later publicity is in place, it is OK. The venue is spacious and suitable. Give it to me, the rent is more than 200,000 yuan, it is better to go to the first-tier cities. What is experience, this is only you. I believe that there are many similar projects in your local area. You can go to one by one to investigate and stay in place. This is truer than any other data. Don’t run here to be lazy, the career is your own. Or add me deduction.

   What are the benefits of playing children’s naughty castle?

  First, shaking, copying activity stimulates nerve pathways

In the Naughty Castle Paradise, there are many swing machines and electric toys that can be used by children under 3 years old. These swinging activities can effectively stimulate the child’s vestibular system; thereby ensuring that the child’s nerve pathway can be very smooth. After the child is 3 years old, you can also choose slides, swings and other activities that can accelerate at a later time, so that children can constantly feel the speed of increase and decrease, thereby increasing the fun of children’s games.

  Second, the rotation activity strengthens the adjustment function

   In the children’s naughty castle equipment, there will also be some track trains or carousels, so that the game equipment that can produce a sense of rotation can help the child’s vestibular system to effectively become stronger. For some children who don’t like rotation, they can experience it from the game device with a slower rotation speed and gradually strengthen their adaptability. Children who like to spin can stimulate the vestibular system to get stronger stimulation through fast spinning games, and it can also play a role in normalization.

   Third, build a sense of balance

In the naughty castle, there are some ladders that can be climbed. Such game equipment can effectively help children judge the distance and relationship between the opposite side and themselves during the climbing process, so that they can effectively establish a sense of balance and Can help children have sufficient understanding and knowledge of visual space.

  Through the game activities of the children’s naughty castle equipment, it can help children to establish and exercise their body balance and other nervous systems, so that children can develop their own functions in the game, which can have a very large impact.

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