What Are The Design Principles Of Children’s Amusement Equipment

Table of Contents

(1) Principle of stability

  Children are a vulnerable group that is extremely vulnerable. In the design of children’s amusement equipment, safety must be put first. The location of children’s activity venues should be as far away as possible from the roadway and surrounding public places where the surrounding environment is messy and the people are complex and mobile, and the children’s activity venue should not lose contact with the surrounding environment and become a blind spot to prevent vehicles and crimes against children. Threat. In addition, we must also pay attention to the compatibility of activity equipment and the safety of the detailed design of children’s amusement equipment. Dangerous protrusions (such as nails and bolts, etc.), extrusion points, sharp edges, sharp corners and possible The openings of children’s head and fingers are stuck to avoid accidental injuries when children are moving

(2) The principle of edutainment

Taking into account the diverse needs of children’s activities, the design should integrate participation, diversity, knowledge and interest to create a relaxed, natural, and fully functional place for children, and give it a certain cultural connotation to make the environment have The potential role of “education through fun” allows children to increase their knowledge during play.

(3) Child-oriented principle

The design should be designed to serve children. The design of various activity spaces and the layout of game facilities should conform to the physical characteristics and activity scales of the children group. For example, due to the obvious difference between the height of children and adults, some adults can easily see the barriers. It often completely blocks the sight of a 3–5 year old child, and some tables and chairs suitable for adults are completely inconvenient for children. Therefore, when designing for children, special attention must be paid to the children’s eyesight and body dimensions when walking, running, climbing and crawling in the playground.

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