Scenic Management Of Wooden Outdoor Park

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Judging from the actual function and nature of the theme wooden outdoor park tourism planning, it belongs to the category of “urban forest”. The theme wooden outdoor park tourism planning project should be creative and enlightening, and the theme is the soul of the theme wooden outdoor park At the same time, it is also the fundamental feature that distinguishes the theme wooden outdoor park from other commercial entertainment facilities. The experience of successful themed wooden outdoor park tourism planning and operation shows that the theme of the theme wooden outdoor park must be distinct. For a specific subdivided tourism market to meet the needs of specific customers, the theme structure can be a theme multiple sub-themes, or It is a theme of a garden.

“Urban forest” is the integration of city and forest. In the process of landscape design, tourism planning and construction, and scenic area management and operation, it involves many disciplines and departments such as forest tourism, garden engineering, and ecological tourism. “Urban Forest” was first proposed by Professor Erik Jorgensen of Canada in the 1960s. It immediately received the attention of forestry experts, governments and the public from all over the world. The concept of “urban forest” tourism planning has not yet been determined internationally. The consensus is that urban forest is a vegetation system dominated by woody plants; the growth environment of this vegetation is in and around the city. It is not aimed at producing wood, but to improve the urban ecological environment and promote people’s health. 1. The purpose of raising the standard of cultural life.

Urban wooden outdoor parks and urban green spaces are the main contents of urban tourism planning and construction in the country. The emphasis, introduction and practice of urban forest tourism are just at the beginning. Urban forests represent the city’s advanced construction concept, development concept and values Through the construction of the northern suburban wooden outdoor park, Jiuquan has actually begun to introduce the concept of urban forests into urban construction. How to further improve the construction, through the evolution of form and function, the northern suburban wooden outdoor park-urban forest is integrated into the city Among the textures, truly reflecting the advanced concept of urban construction in Jiuquan is the main goal of this tourism planning project.

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