If You Want To Open A Naughty Castle, What Size Is Suitable

Table of Contents

1. The location of the venue

Is the children’s naughty castle park opened in first- and second-tier cities or third- and fourth-tier cities? Is it in small towns, central areas or surrounding areas? Is it open in supermarkets, communities, or exclusive stores? All of these require investors to plan in advance. . In the central areas of first- and second-tier cities, you can choose to open a children’s naughty castle park of 300-600 square meters; in third- and fourth-tier cities and county towns, you can choose to open a small naughty castle children’s park of 100-300 square meters. .

   2. The surrounding environment

The area of the children’s naughty castle amusement park is also closely related to the surrounding environment. Before the children’s naughty castle amusement park, we must first examine whether the traffic in this area is concentrated and what percentage of the children are nearby? It is because of the quality of the venue. The flow of people in the later period has a direct impact on store business.

   Three, the strength of funds

Children’s naughty castle parks generally have the best size. If the investment funds are sufficient, a large-area children’s park is of course the best. If the budget on hand is limited, one below 100 square meters is also possible, because there are many such naughty castles. Although the area is small, the business is also very impressive. The premise is that the location of the site is good, the equipment configuration is reasonable, and it will be operated in the later period.

  Whether it is in a big city or in a country, there is no fixed answer to the question of how big the children’s naughty castle park is. In addition to the above three factors must be considered, but also according to the actual local situation and its own business objectives to comprehensively consider. It is most appropriate to sum up in one sentence according to local conditions.

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