How To Deal With The Emphasis On Culture And Connotation In Tourist Attractions

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The amusement equipment industry has always been a hot topic, whether it is for tourism investors or consumers, going out is a normal thing, and the amusement facilities in tourist attractions are one of the attractions that attract tourists. focus. In the past two years, since the amusement industry has set off an upsurge of investment and development, investors are paying more and more attention to the outer packaging of theme parks in tourist attractions. Therefore, many owners have gradually got rid of the simple development thinking of focusing on equipment and light on themes, opening up the cultural and connotation of scenic spots. Development is the only way for an enterprise to develop highly, and it is also a condition for the development of the amusement equipment industry. So how should amusement equipment manufacturers deal with this situation?

All children born after 00 will graduate, and all children born after 90 have become mothers. What’s more, those born after 80s have gradually grown old, so the education they receive and their open thinking, thinking determines the way, the previous set of business The method can no longer bring profits to the owners. The change caused by the different consumption methods is not only in the fast food and catering industry, but also in the tourism industry. In the face of this phenomenon, many amusement equipment manufacturers have no way to deal with it. For themed packaging, even if amusement equipment manufacturers come up with countermeasures by recruiting excellent design and developers, many designers lack the understanding of culture, and most of them are based on historical allusions. The inspiration generated in, literary works, film and television dramas is loaded into the conceptual packaging design of the theme park. For a large project, it is not only the outer packaging of the theme of the park, but also the cultural influence of the theme. For designers, for a large project, it is not easy to produce a conceptual plan and design drawing, let alone landing it is even more difficult.

Therefore, for amusement equipment manufacturers, it is necessary to strengthen the cultural training of designers, not only the understanding of corporate culture, but also the historical culture, human culture, and local customs integrated into the park design thinking. They should have their own unique insights.

Amusement equipment manufacturers do not only produce amusement equipment, there are tens of thousands of amusement equipment manufacturers in China, if they do not have their own development areas, how can they develop and grow in the future. In this regard, amusement equipment has thought of this far-reaching problem during the growth of the company’s brand. In 2017, the Landscape Garden Planning and Design Engineering Co., Ltd. was established. Not only does it produce large-scale amusement equipment by itself, but also the scenic planning and design orders that it received before. I found a professional design company to complete it. I felt that I was lacking in this aspect as an amusement equipment manufacturer, so I felt painful and spent a lot of money on training to recruit outstanding landscape architects, and established a landscape garden design engineering company. The professional designers of amusement equipment manufacturers said in response to the cultural and connotative development thinking of tourist attractions: themed packaging is like a person wearing clothes, there are no unsightly clothes, only clothes that don’t fit, and theme parks are for one person. Buildings without features and connotations give life, form characteristics, and give soul.

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