How Much Does It Cost To Open An Indoor Children’s Playground Naughty Castle?

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Children’s Naughty Castle, take 100 square meters as an example to analyze how much money is needed:

1. Site cost: Regarding the rent of the site, consideration should be given to the site selection situation: first-tier cities or second- and third-tier cities? Urban areas or urban areas? Shopping malls or supermarkets, neighborhoods, and kindergartens? Different There are also differences in regional rents. Some are quoted as a whole, and some are calculated based on area. These factors need to be investigated before investing. Here, take the shopping malls in the second and third tier cities as an example, the rent is generally 40-60 yuan/square meter.

   2. Decoration cost: The decoration style of the children’s park is mainly to meet the children’s favorite. Most children’s parks will choose candy style, ocean style, forest style, cartoon style, etc. The main difference in the cost of this part is whether it is hard-covered or plain-covered. Generally speaking, the budget is based on the simple and comfortable decoration style of second-tier cities. The decoration cost of 100 square meters is about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

  3. Equipment cost: There are many kinds of amusement projects in the children’s playground, and the equipment and prices required for different amusement projects are also different. The specific choice of equipment needs to be determined according to the local economic level, residents’ consumption situation, and children’s age group. Judging from the operating conditions of most children’s parks, Naughty Castle is a popular amusement equipment for children. It is recommended that the 100-square-meter indoor children’s amusement park should be mainly Naughty Castle, and the equipment cost is about 60,000-120,000.

   Fourth, other expenses: like 100 square meters of children’s playground, generally it is a family business model, do not need to hire employees. Miscellaneous expenses include equipment maintenance and renewal expenses, daily water, electricity and supplies expenses, property management expenses, etc. The specific amount required depends on the actual operating conditions.

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