Design And Construction Of Wooden Outdoor Park

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The theme selection of the theme wooden outdoor park requires innovative thinking, and the operation of the theme wooden outdoor park needs to be constantly updated. Only in this way can the design of the theme wooden outdoor park bring freshness to tourists and extend the life cycle. In the theme creation and planning, it is necessary to focus on “tourists’ needs”, highlight the characteristics of leisure and entertainment, and express “new forms of tourism”. For this reason, developers must be at the forefront of the market in terms of landscape design of theme wooden outdoor parks and subsequent updates of tourism products.

At present, the development of the theme wooden outdoor park design in China has a very typical feature, that is, the periodicity of life. Many theme wooden outdoor parks have reached a certain peak a few years before opening and it is difficult to surpass again and begin to go downhill. The main reason for this situation is that most of the theme wooden outdoor parks in my country are caused by static landscapes. Tourists are purely sightseeing activities that take the horses and flowers to watch. There are few participating entertainment projects and it is easier to feel bored. This kind of static landscape with strong intuitiveness lacks the motivation of repeated consumption after a visit, which results in a low revisit rate for tourists.

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