What does outdoor climbing wall climbing have for the body

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What does outdoor climbing wall climbing have for the body

Increase body flexibility and coordination. This is the key ability of rock climbing, which is definitely better than physical strength;

Strengthening physical climbing requires the balance of strength and beauty of the hands and feet, and the split load of one’s own weight, against gravity. In this matter, girls are not at all lost to boys.

Concentrating your feet on the rock, and paying attention to every detail of the body’s displacement on the rock, can cultivate a person’s concentration on the object.

Enterprising When oneself leans on the climbing rope to bear the weight and “hangs” on the high rock wall or tower, do you give up or continue to persist? It is not only courage to describe, but also willpower, sense of honor, and determination to surpass oneself.

Self-confidence Faced with a rock field that is at least three or four times taller than one’s own height, and still resolute in the difficulties, the heart and nature are naturally more self-respecting and self-confident than ordinary people.

The sense of balance is called the “Spider Man” walking on the rock wall. The basic posture of walking is “three points of motion and one point of motion”, which depends on the sense of balance!

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