Types of bouldering climbing walls

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(1) Simulation type: The rock slab is sampled and remade according to the shape of the natural mountain, with high simulation degree, real wall, down wall, eaves, etc.

(2) Competitive type: It has a certain degree of climbing difficulty, is challenging, and can meet the requirements of competitive competition; professional design, using high-strength simulation composite material rock slab, the designed route and difficulty are for professionals and enthusiasts of bouldering climbing wall As well as training and competitions in special industries such as military, police and aerial work.

(3) Children’s type: The product is safe and reliable, with bright colors, lively and generous, diverse shapes and slabs. The surface of the slate is painted with environmentally friendly materials and cartoon patterns. It is suitable for kindergarten children and pupils; it is used for their muscle development and hands, eyes, Physical coordination training.

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