The climbing rule of indoor bouldering climbing wall

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Everyone knows that indoor bouldering climbing wall is a very interesting extreme sport, and it is not affected by the weather. There are several important methods for indoor climbing. Next, bouldering climbing wall manufacturers will tell you about: climbing method can be divided For the following types:

1. Toprope

Mainly used as an exercise, performed in pairs. First climb to the top along another passage, tie the rope and then come down. One end of the rope is tied to the belt of the climber’s waist, and the other end is in the hands of the protector. In this way, the rope protects the climber from above, with a strong sense of security, without worrying about falling, suitable for beginners.

2. Lead

Also in pairs. The protector slowly relaxes the safety rope according to the climber’s progress. In case of a fall, the protector at the waist prevents the rope and effectively protects the climber. Climbers use the bolts and other protective devices to tie the rope to the bouldering climbing wall while climbing, just in case. Once fell accidentally, only rely on his own power to “resurrect.”

3. Bouldering

Bouldering means “free climbing a huge rock”, and now generally refers to all climbing activities that allow flying to fall. There is no need for any equipment other than climbing shoes. It can be described as the most primitive and natural climbing. The height of the rock is usually below four meters. For rocks over four meters, it is better to use the Toprope method and the safety rope is hung from above. Underlay the floor pads.

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